TRUFIX is an established and highly regarded name in the fixings industry, supplying a wide range of fixings to the construction sector.

Our stringent quality control combined with a policy to use only the best raw materials available ensures products that meet the highest performance standards. With over 30 years experience, we have a reputation for superior quality and technical innovation.

Our nail manufacturing process developed over many years is singular in solving the issue of Hydrogen embrittlement in zinc plated hardend masonry nails making it the strongest and most reliable masonry nail available anywhere in the world. No other process comes close.

TRUFIX masonry nails, screws and fixings products are manufactured to the highest production quality standards. Trufix has been supplying world leaders in the fixing industry for many years.


We take pride in a unique manufacturing process including the selection of materials, heat treatment and plating processes.

When we Source fromm other manufacturers we use our mechanical and chemical expertise to evaluate their materials, manufacturing process and quality control procedures.

This enables us to choose the best producers to ensure the highest quality standards.

Please see the video for description and highlights of our manufacturing process.