Trufix Xtra-Drive High Performance Wood Screws
Application: Hard wood, soft wood, MDF and chipboard



Trufix Xtra-Drive, a high-performance woodscrew designed and manufactured to deliver quality and reliability every time.

Special features include a deep pozi recess (which prevents cam-out), a long cut point, a reinforced collar and 6 Ribs. A special thread design with wax coating enables fast penetration and fitting.

All Xtra-Drive screws are precision manufactured using high quality hardened steel for ultimate tensile and torsional strength.

Available in a wide range of sizes, the screw is suitable for chipboard, softwood, particle board, MDF and hardwood.

Housed in a shock-proof plastic tub with innovative see-through split lid, each Xtra Drive tub comes with 2 free high quality pozi bits.